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Who We Are

Who is S.A. Lifeline Foundation?

SA Lifeline Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to Recovering Individuals and Healing Families from the effects of sexual addiction and betrayal trauma. SA Lifeline was founded and is operated by people who have experienced sexual addiction and betrayal trauma; who through their own experience know that recovery takes strenuous work and that living in recovery is possible.

SA Lifeline Foundation recognizes that God is the center of recovery from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma. True recovery begins with honesty and a willingness to “surrender” to the God of our understanding.

SA Lifeline Foundation supports the work of recovery based on four specific pillars:

  • Education about sexual addiction and betrayal trauma with an emphasis on the work and the hope for recovery
  • Appropriate Boundaries to Establish Safety
  • Spiritual Connection supported by working SAL Twelve Step with a sponsor
  • Recommending Qualified Therapy

SA Lifeline Foundation provides critical support to recovery from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma. For more information about us, resources and programs, go to and